Young Czech Player Doing The Program

Sorry to inform everyone, but I'm taking a couple months off from doing lessons starting Jan. 1st.  I've started to work on the next version of my Online StickHandling & Shooting Program and filming begins Jan 1st.  We are trying to launch at the State High School Hockey Tournament Expo March 8th.  

I'll send out an email to everyone once I start doing lessons again.  Sorry for the inconvienance, but it will be worth the wait.  The next version is going to be AWESOME!!  

See You in the New Year!!


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Preparation starts right now for the player that wants to achieve a higher level of success!

Since retiring from the NHL, teaching stick handling and shooting hockey skills has become my passion.  It is a learned skill!!  Most players don't know how to improve their puck handling and shooting ability.  Through 8 years of research, I've developed an off-ice stick handling and shooting program that will give players the ability to possess the puck longer, make more hockey plays, generate more offense and score more goals.  You have to have a willingness to become better, commit to the program over a period of time and the results will be dramatic.   

Did You Know?

Studies have indicated that it takes 10 Years or 10,000 hours of extensive practice to excel in anything.

In an average hockey game, players have the puck on their stick for less than 2 minutes.

Yes, LESS THAN 2 MINUTES!!!  And that is if you are an elite player.  So what are you going to do when you have the puck on your stick? 

How will this training program make me a better player?

This hockey skills training program is designed to educate the young hopeful on how to train to be a hockey player in regards to their stick handling and shooting.  If you think about the best shooter on any younger youth team, they aren't the best because of what coaches are teaching them on the ice.  It's because they have a place to shoot at home and they do it repeatedly over and over.  The same principle concept applies to stick handling.  You have to do drills repeatedly over and over for a period of time in order to see improvement.  The problem lies in the fact that players don't know what to do or how to train in order to acquire elite level stick skills. 




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