What You Need To Know

How Does The Program Work?

When a player signs up to work with me, also included with the lesson is a subscription to my stick handling & shooting program available at www.onlinehockeytraining.com  

There are 50 different modules or homework assignments.  Each drill on the assignment will have a video that will explain and then demonstrate each exercise in detail.  Players print off the module, watch the video, do the drill, check it off and move on to the next one.   

 When We Meet

All I ever ask from parents/players, is to give me one lesson.  In that initial meeting, I typically make 2-5 corrections with players that are super important to get addressed and fixed as soon as possible.  Once that's completed, we'll do a variety of drills that will improve their over-all hockey skills.  

There's no magic formula or secret sauce that will easily transform a player from average to ELITE regarding stick skills. There's a lot of sweat equity and self motivation needed, I just try to provide the path for the player to follow. 

What Players Need To Bring

Stick (with white tape on blade), gloves, tennis shoes (bring a dry pair if raining out or during winter months).  Also a fun, positive and hard working attitude.  I'll provide water for players and will also have an adult beverage or two for Mom and Dad :)

What You Will Learn! 

* Proper Top Hand Position and Wrist Roll Development

* Dribbling Techniques Around The Body

* Moves - Fakes - Dekes

* Expansion of Reach

* Toe Control

* Cupping Exercises

* Controling Puck When Off Ground

* Managing Multiple Pucks

* Puck Tricks

* Shooting - You will learn all shooting techniques over time.  We'll work on shooting accuracy, strength of shot and developing a quicker release.