What People Are Saying:

 "I feel more confident with the puck and would reccomend this program to any level of hockey player.  It's a skill set that not many players work on and it's an edge you can get on the competition".

 Tim Jackman

Calgary Flames

 "My son noticed improvement in his puck handling skills through this program due to the quality of instruction and the drills".

Jeff H.

 The boys spent an hour and a half last night working together on the stick handling drills.  Although they've spent time in the garage shooting/stick handling before, this was the first time they had a clear purpose.  The homework sheet was a critical element as it gave them a set methodology to follow.  Few kids have the self disapline to go to the garage and work on specific areas on their own.  Most kids are "task oriented" but need help on what the specific tasks should be.  The program was very impactful to them in helping understand what they need to work on specifically.  I thought you might want to know as you continue to evolve the stick handling program. 

Mark K.

Hello Lance,

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the training you do.  My son has always been a motivated player.  He seems to live in our basement, continually stick handling and shooting pucks every chance he can get.  He's done a number of stick handling clinic's through the years, but never really saw a significant improvement in his ability to handle the puck.  I feel it's because the clinic's were only a week long and there was nothing for him to follow or do once the clinic was over.  Since working with you and doing the online stick handling program, I've see a vast improvement in what he's able to do on the ice.  His confidence has grown and is having much more success on the ice.  He can't wait to work with you again next summer.  You have a rock solid program and I would encourage everyone to give it a try. 

Tom C.  


Thanks for a great series of lessons.  Kyle really enjoyed it.  We often had to keep him focused on his school work before we’d let him take care of his stickhandling homework.  He really does enjoy it.  Thanks for sharing your passion with the kids.

Matt M.

Thanks again for working with our kids to improve their stickhandling and shooting.  You do a great job keeping things moving and engaging the kids.  They never got bored and they actually looked forward to doing the homework!  It's encouraging to see the progress they've made while having fun doing the work.  You have a unique ability to connect with the kids, challenging them to bring out their best. 


Jason and Joy

 "Lance showed me how to train to be a hockey player in regards to my stick handling.  I will be working with him each year until my playing days are over".

Matt Smaby

Tampa Bay Lightning

"Never once did I have to ask my son to practice his stick handilng.  It was fun and challenging for him and he couldn't wait to master the next drill".

Chad N. 

 Hi Lance,
Just a quick note to let you know that Jack really enjoyed the lessons this summer.  I noticed a big difference after 2 sessions. He really liked the take home practice sheets and worked hard almost everyday to check off the daily drills. Jack also spent time on the online stickhandling website, which he thought was "really cool".  Looking forward to signing him up for some fall sessions.
Thank you for doing a great job!
Jack K.

Lance,  Having my kids work with you and onlinestickhandling.com has been the best value we have experienced for hockey stick handling training.  We have noticed a marked improvement in our sons and daughter stick handling because of this program.  Not only have we seen increased speed in the weekly testing, but this improvement has also carried over to the ice where we clearly are seeing better moves and increased confidence with the puck.

Elise G.

 Hi Lance,

Your stickhandling lessons were great!  Thanks for sharing your time and talent with Travis.  His stickhandling definitely improved over the sessions, thus, it was time and money well spent.  For any player who is interested in improving their overall game, specifically stickhandling, I recommend your stickhandling lessons and online program for them!

Thanks again,

Sarah S.