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Preparation starts right now for the player that wants to achieve a higher level of success!

Did you know that in games, regardless of level, players only possess the puck right around 1 minute?  Also, findings from a recent on-ice team practice puck possession study my team and I conducted, revealed that on average, players only possess the puck in a 60-minute practice for roughly 4 minutes, that's it!! Not enough stick handling, passing and shooting repetitions in order to reach the higher levels of stick skill development.  You have to do extras.


I'll unveil exactly what you or your player needs to be doing at home, in order to gain more confidence

with the stick, possess the puck longer, make higher end hockey passing plays, and tickle the twine way 

more than you currently are.


Since retiring from the NHL, teaching stick handling and shooting hockey skills has become my passion.  It is a learned skill! 

Most players don't know how to improve their puck handling and shooting ability.  Through 10 years of research and testing drills with players just like you or your son or daughter, I've developed an off-ice stickhandling and shooting program that will give players the ability to possess the puck longer, make more hockey plays, generate more offense and score more goals. 

All you have to have a willingness to become better, commit to regularly practicing the drills I'll let you tap into over a period of time, well, the results will be dramatic.   

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